Romania has third highest talent shortage in the world

Almost three-quarters of the Romanian employers have troubles finding qualified staff for their open positions, Romania-Insider reports. 

The talent shortage in the local market is the highest one in the last eight years, according to a study by human resources consultancy company Manpower. The share of Romanian employers which report difficulties in filling job vacancies has increased to 72% from 61% last year.

Romania ranks first in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and third place at global level for the talent shortage in the local market, after Japan, with a deficit of 86%, and Taiwan, with a shortage of 73%, according to Manpower data.

Local companies find it particularly hard to find skilled and unskilled workers, engineers, machine operators, drivers, staff for hotels and restaurants, IT staff, and sale representatives.

At global level, 40% of the employers complain of having trouble in finding staff.
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