Romania and Republic of Moldova continue to cooperate in justice sphere for 2018 year

Romania is interested in the modernization and stability of Moldova, in consolidation of the institutions and developing European relationship between Moldova and EU. The adoption of the association agenda proves the Government's willing to continue the European cooperation. The declarations were made by Tudorel Toader, the Romania Justice Minister, at the second edition of Justice Forum from Bucuresti, transmits IPN.

Todorel Toader declared that Romania developed a strong cooperation between each institution presented at the Forum. The efficiency of the bilateral cooperation was proved by representation on a high level of the institution from both countries.

''Last forum was a success and the one from this year will also have success, as it shows the willing of the both countries to communicate and cooperate'', said Romanian Minister of Justice.

According to the Romanian Minister, within the development process of the country, the influence of the justice is crucial. "The development process should be present in the relevant for our citizens domains, through the fight against corruption, developing the judicial and administrative system. Good judicial systems lead to the economy development, influence the trust of investors and citizens in the justice act. The ones who benefit of these efforts are the citizens of those two countries'', said Tudorel Toader.

At his turn, Vladimir Cebotari, the Justice Minister of Republic of Moldova said the dialogue between those two countries is unheard, as other administrative authorities don't have it. The Minister hopes he will be a good example, as it is an exercise of harmonization of the practices, a solution of the problems that the justice Ministry has to face.

Vladimit Cebotari said in the Forum agenda there are subject of the good functioning of the judicial system, the access in the magistrate position, fight against corruption and so on. Those subject are discussed frequently both in Chisinau and Bucharest. 

"It is very important to have such discussions, as we arrived at conclusion stage of the review of the justice reform from 2011 till now. The achievements or the failures should be discussed, as we prepare a new development reform for the following four years", said Moldovan Justice Minister.

November 23 is the first day of the event and it is dedicated to plenary discussions, on topics that interest both sides: development of judicial system, the role and place of prosecutor in judicial system, fight against corruption and criminality, role of liberal professions in justice. The first part of November 24 will be dedicated to the bilateral discussion of the representatives of main institutions and the conclusion of the Forum will be announces in the second part of November 24.

According to a press release of the General  Prosecutor's officeof Moldova, at the second edition of the Forum in the justice sphere will participate a delegation of the Prosecutor's office of Moldova, leaded by Eduard Harunjen, the General Prosecutor.


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