Romania -- one of biggest footwear exporters in world

Romania ranks 14th among the largest footwear exporters in the world, with exports of USD 1.3 billion.

The local market accounts for about 1% of the total footwear exports, according to data from the research company WorldFootwear, cited by local Ziarul Financiar.

The local market produces some of the most expensive shoes in the world, with an average export price of USD 24. Based on the export price, Romania ranks fifth worldwide. By comparison, Italy ranks first with an average price tag of USD 51 per shoe pair. China ranks last with an average price of USD 4.4 per pair.

The textile, clothing and footwear industry in Romania accounts for over 10% of the country’s total exports. It is the second most important sector based on the contributions to exports, after the car sector.

By Romania Insider.

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