Roads built within Good Road program remain unaffected following long-lasting rains

None of the roads built in the state program Good Road was damaged following the rains in the last weeks, confirms PM Pavel Filip. 

"We had to fight against a lie spread last week that Good Road roads were deteriorated due to long-lasting rains. People responsible for Good Road program also denied this news, confirming no roads were affected. 

After discussion, I requested for tools to observe the road quality. Gaburici - to identify the ways to monitor road repaired by local public authority. 

People don't make difference. And government bears the responsibility. Today we will allocate money for people in localities affected from rains, households and roads, but none of them were build within the Good Road program. 

I was informed that 300 people were working to strengthen the levee. I have to thank everybody for their effort these days. For five days, they strengthened 2,900 meters of levee. 300 people carried over 341,000 sandbags. It's the first time we have acted to prevent damaged given Nistru river level is rising. 

We're underway to start Good Road 2 now. First, we will see when to start auctions. I paid a visit to Chisinău – Ungheni road to see the problems we have to face", said Pavel Filip. 



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