Road workers continue to remove snow from national roads and spread non-skid material

Road traffic on the streets of Chisinau runs without difficulty. Public transport, trolley buses and buses circulate on all lines and bus routes have been restored to suburban localities.

According to Chisinau City Hall representatives, snow removal services continue to intervene on secondary streets, waiting stations, blocks of flats, parks and squares.

During the night, the road workers intervened with 60 trucks to clear the streets of the Capital and access roads to the suburbs.

Exdrupo workers continue to work on the arteries where public transport circulates, with 18 trucks to scatter non-skid material to avoid the formation of ice.

At the same time, the hunting-communal direction and arrangement intervened in the snow removal of the roads with 36 specialized machinery, and 350 workers are trained to clean and sprinkle the anti-slip material in stations, sidewalks and intercarriers.

Also, 250 workers work in parks, public gardens, squares, pedestrian alleys with snow removal equipment.



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