Road that leads to Sfintii Voievozi church from Durlesti was repared

The road that leads to Sfintii Voievozi church from Durlesti was repared. The Cismeleleor street was in a grave condition for years. People were walking through mold and holes. The City Hall allocated money to bring ground and put asphalt.

When the workers came to repair the road, the residents of the village helped them.

"We need to help each other", said a man.

"Here there were some holes. People were falling in these. The cars get damaged, because of these holes", said another man.

30 thousand lei were allocated by the local authorities to repair the road. The money wasn't enough, thus a resident of the village asked the Parliament for help. Lilia Birsa wrote Constantin Tutu and asked him for help.

"He said he will help us and we are very thankful. Indeed, the road was in a terrible condition. It was dangerous to walk here", said lilia Barsa, resident of Durlesti.

"We held meetings with many people from Durlesti and they were always asking us to repair this road. I hope that this will be useful", said Constantin Tutu, PDM deputy.

Cismelelor street haven't been repaired for 10 years.

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