Road repair works from Ungheni to finish ahead of schedule

The construction company has promised that the road connecting Cetireni and Alexeevca villages from Ungheni will be finished earlier than predicted. According to them the works will be finished by 2019, not 2020, as stated by the contract.

Minister of Regional Development and Construction, Vasile Bîtca has personally discussed with the person in charge of the works from Ungheni. The road is crucial for residents, as it is the only way for them to move around the district.

"It used to be very broken. Whenever it rained it felt as though we had to walk through a pond."

"It used to be filled with holes."

"This road is crucial for Ungheni district, as well as Călăraşi and Nisporeni, as it is the one to tie R42 road with those from Pârliţa-Mileşti-Selişte, which will be repaired stating next year using the funds provided by World Bank" President of Ungheni district, Ludmila Guzun declared.

Minister Vasile Bîtcă was pleased with the progress.

"I am content with the quality of works. We have talked with the economic agent, who promised that this year, along the 11 million lei that was given for this project, they will perform additional works."

The new road will be 17 kilometers long and will be used by 40 thousand people, including 900 pupils. The 91 million lei project was financed by the National Fund for Regional Development, the National Road Fund and the District Council of Ungheni. 

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