Road leading to Chistoleni monastery was repaired. Dumitru Diacov attended the event

The road leading to Chistoleni monastery from Basarabeasca was repaired. The repair works took three months. Today, it was inaugurated. To repair the 6 kilometers of road, nine million lei was allocated by the National Fund for Regional Development.

The six road kilometers started to be repaired at the beginning of February.

"We are inviting everybody to come to the monastery. We already have a good road", said Filaret, the priest of the church.

"We came here to pray for the health and welfare of our children."

The deputy of Cimislia and Basarabeasca constituency also came at the event.

"I am glad that I contributed to the repair works of this road", declared Dumitru Diacov, DPM deputy.

The road was repaired due to the Government and the National Fund for Regional Development's support.

"We realized everything that we planned over here", said maria Culesov, the director of the South Regional Development Agency.

The mayor of Sadaclia village hope that this road will be very useful for the locality.

"We are happy that finally we inaugurated this road", said Vasile Baciu, the mayor of Sadaclia village, Basarabeasca district.

Chistoleni monastery was built in 1932.

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