Richest Moldovan lives in Revaca. He turned 100. How big is his family

The oldest person from Revaca village celebrates his 100th birthday today. On this occasion, his 23 grandchildren and 33 grand-grandchildren came to congratulate him. The priest, the mayor and other guests also came to wish him happy birthday.

Nicolai Rusu is happy that all these people gathered around him on such an important day for him. He says he reached such an age because God wanted this.

He passed through two wars.

Eudochia Rusu is the second daughter of the man. 

"He is very happy we are here today. He is perfect for us. We have never seen him drunk. This is why he reached such an age", said Eudochia Rusu, daughter.

"Out childhood was hard. We were 10 children. Our father was working and our mother was staying home with us", said Petru Rusu, son.

Besides birthday wishes, he also received presents. The mayor of the village gave him an icon, while Constantin Tutu deputy wood and food.

"Mr. Nicolai is an example for all of us. He really did something in this life: 10 children, 23 grandchildren and 33 grand-grandchildren", said Constantin Tutu, PDM deputy.

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