Restaurant selling Moldovan food in New York, CLOSED because of roaches

Boon by Moldova, a restaurant that opened over the summer at 43-45 40th Street, was closed Tuesday by the health department for several critical health code violations.

The restaurant racked up 46 violation points in its inspection with several health issues marked as critical, including live roaches and flies present in the restaurant, food being contaminated or not discarded correctly, and food surfaces not being properly sanitized between uses. The inspection report also notes that the facility is not vermin proof.

The Health Department evaluates restaurants based on the point system, with points assigned based on the size and scale of the violation, and indicating what letter grade a restaurant receives.

Any restaurant that gets between zero and 13 points receives an A grade, any receiving between 14 and 27 points gets a B grade, and any with 28 or more points gets a C grade.

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