Rest and recreation areas of Râşcani park under repair. Illegal constructions removed

Interim Mayor of Chisinau, Silvia Radu ordered to suspend activities of all economic agents and to remove the vending booths, outlets (trailers and refrigerators) and services provided on the territory of the rest and recreation area of Râşcani Park, on Braniştii st.

According to a provision of the Interim Mayor, the economic agents must leave until April 6. 

If they refuse to comply with the instructions of the Chisinau City Hall, all units will be forced to remove by April 18, 2018.

Also, all wooden arbours placed illegally in the park by economic agents such as summer terrace, all metal constructions and installations near volleyball field of Râşcani park will be dismantled. 

Moreover, location schemes and commercial activity notification, services of any kinds are forbidden on the territory of the rest and recreation area, near the lake and Râşcani park on Braniştii street. 

Additionally, Chisinau City Hall subdivisions will start the innovation works of Râşcani park. 

The lawns will be restored, trees and shrubs will be planted and current repairs will be carried out at the rescue station.

The public lighting will be restored and the access roads will be repaired in the park, and the children's entertainment facilities will be repaired and tested technically.

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