Resolution adopted by National Politics Council of PDM

Resolution adopted by the National Politics Council of the Democratic Party of Moldova, on December 14, 2017

 The Democratic Party of Moldova evaluated the political situation of the country and the citizen's expectations from the politicians and the Government's representatives.

The citizens say the way the politicians were acting in the past was a wrong one. In their opinion, the parties only satisfied their political interests, rather than the wellness of the society. The politicians made a lot of promises and were very populist. They were not attentive to the citizen's desires.

The Moldovans want a change, but, they don't want to change a leader on another one, or a party on another one. They have already tried this and there were no changes. 

 Actually, the citizens want the politicians to change the way they are fulfilling their duties and this is the main strategy of the Democratic Party for the future years.

Whether they like it or not, this is the reality from our country seen through the eyes of the citizens and we should treat it very seriously, to understand it and to start to do something. The Democratic Party and the other parties assume the responsibility to make the change. But, at the same time, we caught the signal of the citizens according to the politicians as a very serious one and we will start to make the changes.

First of all, we offered the citizens the possibility to chose the deputies. We consider the reform of the political class begins from the change of the election system. Thus, the citizens should not appreciate the populism and the ideology of the parties, but their professionalism and their concrete actions, their notoriety in the district.

The politic agenda of the Democratic party will be filled with the citizens' problems. In the limits we have, the economic constraints will direct our resources to the priority social, economical, and security requirements.

 This strategy is not only for the next year, which is an election year, but for the future years too. Our priority is to avoid the gap between the politicians and the society, that was created after political wars, vanity and the fight for functions.

The Democratic Party started to make changes on this direction after the last Congress that took place in December 2016. The results could have been seen in the positive evolution of the party in the opinion surveys. The people remarked our first steps toward approaching to them.

Now, the party should pass the next level, a superior one, where the citizens should find themselves in our politics, to feel our support, to feel for the first time that a political party is their partner, to offer them concrete actions after what we will ask for their vote. This strategy is not just a promise, it is a commitment and the way the Democratic party will act in the future period.

Each PDM representative, who exercises a function in the state will have the mission to solve the problems of the citizens from his activity sphere.

 Also, the way PDM will act has already changed. The representatives of the country have the mission to be opened in the communication with the citizens, to listen to their problems and find solution for these problems.

The main principles of PDM are: their attitude towards people, their care, developing, dignity, values and justice.

 1.The attitude. The change of the political class should begin from the attitude towards citizens, from the responsibilities assuming the clear direction of their work towards the interest of people. The reform of the political class that we implemented this year should be continued starting from this target - a big change of the politicians' attitude towards the citizens. The PDM already started to implement actions according to this subject, they started with a strategy that shows the state's respect toward the people. The strategy consist of improving the services of the institutions, abolishing abuses. We will continue to do this, we will watch the activity of the state services and we will prove our commitments are followed by actions. At the same time, we will come with new initiatives that will make the state's institution to be more efficient, responsible and opened to people.

2.The care of the people and their future. The education plays a big role in the modernization of the country. This is why, the PDM started to be more attentive to this sphere since it took in his hands the leading of this ministry. Last year, the Education Ministry improvised on the children. This had bad effects on pupils, parents and teachers. This is a bureaucratic sphere, that requires big changes. Anyway, we managed to register some important changes and the teachers reacted very positive on this. We have concrete targets. We are aware that the reforms should take into consideration the reality from these spheres. Also, the health and the social protection are spheres where the citizens wait for the state to get involved and to make some changes. In a short time, PDM will come with a new concept of modernizing those spheres. We will create better conditions for the patients and for doctors too, so, they will have the motivation to work in our country.

3.Justice. The people say the most breaches are made, because the justice doesn't fulfill its duties. It is true, as Republic of Moldova is a country where the abuses in this sphere have a high level. This is why PDM started to reduce the control institutions whose main target was the people's harassment, whether the simple people or the businessmen. It is a sphere where we will start make bigger changes, so, people won't have the fear they can be harassed anymore. At the same time, we will provide the public order and the safety of the citizen. The Ministry of Internal Affairs already has some tasks in this sense.

4.Development. The citizens want better roads, they want to feel how does the economy increase. To offer a positive impulse of this sphere, we started to remove the biggest problems of this system. For example, the elimination of the tax and customs schemes and changes from other spheres have already brought results. We managed to establish the country economically, because we took it from a disaster. Now, the time to pass to another level has passed. The people will feel the positive changes in their country. Also, PDM will start a program of roads repair. We have a project for each village from Moldova "A repaired road in each village" due to which we will develop the infrastructure of the villages. This project will start at the beginning of 2018.

 5.Dignity. The Moldovans should recover their dignity. Whether we talk about the way they are treated by the state, whether it is about the attitude of the state. The both institutions are very important for PDM. Internally, we stated to make changes, but we have a lot of steps to do, to achieve some visible results. The Moldovans' dignity should be also protected from the exterior threatens. Recently, the Government took attitude when its citizens were injured by a Russian dignitary. Also, the Government requested the ONU to make a session to decide upon the Russian soldiers from Republic of Moldova's territory. For many years, our country didn't take any attitudes when our citizens were injured or wronged. The PDM's actions will be targeted to the protection of our dignity.

6.Values. PDM believes and promotes the European values that are made by their representatives in the Government and Parliament. Anyway, we consider that the European integrity should be taken off the politic populism, where it was used so many years and transferred to the national strategy zone. The European integration is the strategic direction of development. This is why, PDM's actions will take into consideration the European principles. Our initiative of introduction the desideratum of the European Integration in the Constitution of Republic of Moldova confirms we are very serious according to what happens.

 All those requests come from people. This is the way they get involved in the act of government, a Government that belongs to them, not to PDM or other political parties. Our role as a leading party is to find the best solutions for the society's  requests.

 In this resolution there are mentioned just a couple of the PDM's main targets, it is an approach that will become the priority political mission for the representatives of the party. Our representatives in the Government and Parliament will have the target to respect these working targets and they will be evaluated sometimes, depending on their results, so that we won't lose from the dynamics of the changes, motivation and professionalism. PDM will work on clear commitments and will evaluate itself through the results. „Acta, non verba”  (Actions, not words) - this will be our motto.

National Politics Council of PDM

December 14, 2017




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