Residents of Buiucani sector FORCED to endure coldness because of THIS reason

The residents of a block of Buiucani sector of the Capital, are forced to endure the cold even if they regularly are paying their bills. They have reached this situation because of a technical problem of the heating system of the building. Both the administration of the block and representatives of "Termoelectrica" know the problem, saying they were looking for solutions, but things have not moved on.

Larisa Jomir lives in an apartment with three rooms, and says the house is cold even if she payed the bills. The woman uses electric appliances and wears warm clothes in order to heat up. 

The neighbors are in the same situation.

Building manager says it's because heat supplier has misplaced facilities that distribute heat.

On the other hand, representatives of "Termoelectrica" argue that the block has all the necessary equipment to provide uniform heating in all homes. They say that the authority of the block is guilty.

In total, almost 20 families endure this situation.

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