Residents of Băhrineşti village to have tap potable water

Nearly 500 households in the village of Băhrineşti, Floreşti district, will have tap water by the end of 2017. This is enabled because of aqueduct construction launched in the locality. This project alike will be applied in 10 localities of Floreşti and Soroca districts.

The project is totally worth 66 million lei. 30 million lei is provided through the Swiss Project of Water and Sanitation in Moldova, another nearly 30 million is financed by the National Fund for Regional Development. The rest, six million lei is collected by the inhabitants. The Mayor today signed the financial agreement.

Mayor of Băhrineşti village confirmed the water in locality was not good enough to drink. 

"Potable water is not available in Băhrineşti. We have to bring the drinking water from Gura Cainarului". 

Each household contributed 2500 lei for the construction, being happy to have potable water soon.

The water in the village, according to locals, contained many impurities and was unhealthy.

No access to quality potable water is an painful issue for hundreds of locals in Moldova. 

There are 2170 inhabitants in the village of Băhrineşti. If the aqueduct project is also applied in other 10 localities, more than ten thousand inhabitants will gain benefit from clean drinking water. 

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