Republic of Moldova tunes up audit mission on increasing export to EU

National authorities will carry out all necessary actions to successfully complete the audit mission that will allow our country to export meat and poultry eggs to the European Union. This mission will be invited to the Republic of Moldova in September 2019.

The action plan in this regard was discussed in a Government working meeting.

"We have the privileges of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the European Union and we need to capitalize on it.

This Roadmap must contain actions to overcome all legislative, institutional difficulties, so that we know how to mobilize. There exists the potential for exports to the EU, at least an increase of 10%, in case we expand animal product trade", said Premier Pavel Filip.

The Roadmap also focuses on the recommendations of the EU's Avian Consultative Assessment Mission, which visited our country in 2014. The main measures are to equip and accredit the laboratory, to establish a national waste processing center in the meat industry, continue the harmonization of the national legislative framework with the European one and increase the capacities of the national institutions.

In the context, the prime minister called for the mobilization of competent authorities in the field, setting clear deadlines for each action, so that the mission would be successful.

At present, among the products of animal origin, the Republic of Moldova exported on the market honey bees - about 3700 tonnes in 2017 and caviar, in a much lower volume.

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