Republic of Moldova to take over Georgian good practices in tourism industry

Republic of Moldova will take over good practices in tourism from Georgia, confirmed Moldovan Economy Minister Chiril Gaburici during the meeting with his Georgian counterpart Natela Turnava. 

According to the Moldovan official, Moldovan - Georgian cooperation in commerce - economy fields as well as energy industry is of importance. 

"It's crucial that Moldova and Georgia will continue further cooperation and experience exchange regarding the integration to European Union. We also wish to take over good practices in tourism and how to develop this industry given it is placed as Moldova's high priority", said Moldovan Minister Chiril Gaburici.

He also mentioned about our country's willingness to organize the second inter-governmental Moldova - Georgia meeting regarding commercial - economic cooperation in this autumn. 

In turn, Georgian Minister Natela Turnava pledged to support this meeting as well as a business forum. 


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