Republic of Moldova slowly becomes a popular tourism destination

Our country is gaining populating among destinations tourist chose, top visitors coming from Romania and Ukraine. Most of those who came to Moldova wish to taste our wines, see the architecture in the Capital, as well as landscapes. According to tourism agencies, the number of tourists grows due to better infrastructure and repaired roads.

Once stepping on Moldova's lands, tourists wish to have a taste of our wines.

Despite them being less known abroad, Bachus's liquor can impress any Italian, Spanish or American:

"I love Moldovan wine "Cagor", especially those from Cricova. I come to Moldova once per month and stay here for 4 to 5 days. Come, do business and then leave."

Others remained impressed by the beauty of Chisinau and people's hospitality:

"I came to Moldova because my husband works in the Ukrainian Embassy. I arrived the day before and so far love the sight. Chisinau looks like an European city. I live in Cehia, Olomouc town."

"I feel at home here, the people are amazing. I will spend a few days in Moldova and hope to find out more about this country. Everything is filled with colors, truly beautiful."

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in the first nine months of the year, most tourists who visited Moldova came from Romania -24%, while over 12% were from Ukraine. Being followed by Russia and USA, with 9% and 8% of visitors. In this category also counts Germany, Turkey and Italy. Around 3% came from Great Britain and Poland, followed by citizens of France, Israel, Bulgaria and Netherlands.

"Business and tourism draws me, the fact that we have the same language, many speak in Russian, it is easily to make contact. The wine festival, marathon, agropensions, villages where you can have a vacation, it all started making people wish to visit Republic of Moldova" Sales manager of a Tourism Agency Artiom Neaga declared.

Republic of Moldova was visited in total by 107 000 tourists in the first nine months of the year.

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