Republic of Moldova might hire more foreigners in fields with least employees to improve labor market

Lack of workforce in Moldova might be covered by foreigners. For the first time, Ministry of Labor has elaborated a list, including 17 professions that have least employees and should be prioritized by them. Among them counts: nurses, seamstresses, shoemakers, electrical mechanics.

"We aim to improve our labor market. Taking into consideration the current situation in Republic of Moldova, we need more people working here" Secretary General of State of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Anastasia Oceretnîi said.

According to this project, it will be enough for foreigners to own only a residence permit. Economic experts claim that this initiative might only partially solve the lack of employees in specialized fields. Another solution would be rising salaries for native workers.

"In the social field, such as medicine, especially for nurses, it would be a great help, but I believe it would be more suitable in the area of education. It would be best to make everyone win their employment, so that only real specialists will be hired" economy expert Gheorghe Constadachi explained.

The project will be examined by the Government.

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