Republic of Moldova attracts more foreign investors

Republic of Moldova starts drawing more interest from foreign economic agents who wish to invest. Especially they are interested in the free economic zone.

 Ukrainian entrepreneurs have visited yesterday Moldova, to find out more about what free-trade zone can offer them and spoke with local economic agents.

Representatives from "Expo Business Chişinău", specialized in producing wines and alcohol, have made a presentation for the guests.

"We grow our own grapes, collect and process them, bottling and manufacturing it. We are very happy for the results past 20 years we managed to achieve being part of the free-trade zone and we had extraordinary relations with our partners" representative Nely Sonic said.

Guests from Ukraine have found out how to produce liquor and also had the change to taste them. They have not failed to speak of Moldova's potential.

"It is a country with a well made fiscal law, currency and possibility to develop" Ukrainian entrepreneur Mihail Sarochin declared.

"I think this visit will bring results. Some of them will be interested in investing and purchasing goods from Moldova" businessman  Anatolii Kutinskii said.

Free economic zone "Expo Business Chişinău" is the first of it's kind in Moldova, established in 1996, it now contains 43 residents. This zone is also attractive due to it's location.

"We are only 1 km away from Chisinau International Airport, at the intersection with Pan-European corridors, 100 km from the border with Romania and 170 km from Odessa" free economic zone administrator, Veaceslav Nedelea explained.

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