Republic of Moldova and North Carolina sign new Bilateral Cooperation Memorandum

PM Pavel Filip and North Carolina State Secretary Elaine Marshall have signed a Bilateral Cooperation Memorandum on Friday. This Memorandum will be in force for five years following its signature.

According to the Moldovan official, the partnership relation lasting for around 20 years has resulted in concrete benefits for citizens. There are major cooperation domains indicated as the following: 

1. Education field: Over 1000 students and professors from Moldova benefited from scholarships and training in schools and universities in North Carolina. 

2. Defense and security field: Over 100 Moldovan militants attended exercises and training for the past 2 years. 

3. Humanity cooperation: Renovation of schools, hospitals, orphanages; scholarships for teenagers from socially vulnerable families; medical assistance;

PM Filip appreciated these results and hoped further cooperation would be carried out, particularly in fields of IT, economy and finance. 

"Being aware of the development of knowledge-based industry including IT domain, on this occasion, I would like to invite US companies to invest in this sector in Moldova", said Pavel Filip. 

In turn, State Secretary Elaine Marshall reiterated to continue the cooperation with our country in both traditional and modern sectors. 

"We want to continue the effort to improve the people's well-being not only in North Carolina but also in Moldova", said Elaine Marshall.

As a sign of appreciation of the supports offered to our country, PM Filip presented State Secretary the Honor Diploma of Moldovan Government. 



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