Republic of Moldova and Israel negotiating social security benefits Agreement

During 6 - 8 February 2018, took place the 3rd negotiation round for the Agreement between Republic of Moldova and Israel, in the area of social security and Administrative Arrangement for its implementation, at Jerusalem.

The agreement is meant for citizens of Republic of Moldova, who are working abroad, to be able to receive social security benefits. 

The team from Republic of Moldova, made out of representatives of Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integrations and National House of Social Insurance, led by Secretary of State of Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Nelea Rusu. At the negotiations also participated Madam Gabriela Moraru, Republic of Moldova Ambassador to Israel and Mr. Yeliyahu Yerushalmi, Ambassador of Israel to Republic of Moldova.

The negotiations were also attended by Sofa Landver, Minister of Aliyah and Integration, co-president of joint intergovernmental Committee for economic collaboration, as well as Yakov Livne, head of the Eurasia Department of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, which indicates the importance of negotiations to continue for the creation of said project.

At the end, parties have agreed to speak in the near future of the Agreement's technical aspects.

We remind that Republic of Moldova has signed bilateral agreements in the area of social security with 13 states: Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Luxembourg, Austria, Estonia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Turkey and Germany.


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