Report pile-ups ended for teachers

Piles of reports remain only the past for the teachers. Nomenclature of types of school documentation enters into force which allows teachers to have more time preparing lessons. 

They now only must present 13 reports, reduction of 8 reports, in the Mihail Bîrcă High School from Mileştii Mici village, Ialoveni district.

"In fourth class, for example I need at least one hour for 5, 4 or 3 objects in case I have all materials. But we spend five hours if we have to search for information", said Agnesa Popov, a teacher.

Additionally, teachers are no longer required to prepare projects for topic as before. 

Managers of institution need to prepare 26 reports instead of 40 ones. 

The list of reports to be presented was drawn up following discussions between representatives of the Ministry of Education and teachers from all over the country.

At the end of last year, several reforms were announced. These include reducing compulsory subjects for high school students or introducing voluntary classes for secondary school students. The strategy, launched with a view to modernizing the education system, will come into effect gradually until 2020.

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