Report of customs progresses over the past trimester

The customs incomes, the international trade improvement, the flow of the traffic are just some fields that recorded a progress within the border field. The data confirms that this improvement was presented within a session of the Border Checking and Incomes Department convoked by Vitalie Vrabie, the director of the Customs Service.

We remind that in the first three months of this year, the Customs service collected 4 billion 594 million lei, which is 208,7 million lei more than in the same period of the last year. The biggest money amounts came from VAL (Value added tax) - 70,7%, followed by excises - 21% and the customs tax - 5,2%.

The export also registered an increase and its value is 516,8 million lei for a trimester. The total value of it is 10,5 billion lei.

At the same time, the owners of Exporter title exported goods worth 2,2 billion lei. In this context, we remind that the exporter title costs 6 Euro and it is released by the foreign country involved in the trade process.

Referring to this, Vitalie Vrabie, the director of the customs service requested to continue promoting this tool, so more entrepreneurs can benefit of such certificates.

Now we have 117 entrepreneurs who benefited of this certificates. 


Lately, the truck drivers also benefit of such a certificate. This project was launched on March 18 and was supported by USAID.

Also, USAID supported the implementation of a programming system to cross the border, and also launched Trade International Portal - a web site that contains all the required information about trade.

The development of the informative systems will be facilitated by Asycuda World software which allows the integration of the unique counter and NCTS projects.


Another field that should be improved is the one regarding the goods' origin. The customs service made up a guide regarding the examination of the origin of the goods.

The entrepreneurs who export goods in Norway and Switzerland will benefit of a simpler procedure of getting certificates. Actually, they will be able to confirm the origin of the goods based on a trade document. 

Among the highest risks that the trade can support are: establishing a lower value for the goods, transit and so on.

In this context, we mention that in the first trimester of this year, 107,2 million lei were indexed.


"The customs service will continue to support the business field and facilitate the activity of the economic agents", said Vitalie Vrabie.

Also, the director of the customs mentioned how necessary it is to continue promoting the common checking concept, so the good exporters can do a faster exportation.

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