Report: 25% of public acquisitions made by Chisinau City Hall over the past two years were not transparent

25% of public acquisitions made by Chisinau City Hall over the past two years were not transparent. According to a report, auctions were superficial and lacked competition. Moreover, experts established a conflict of interests.

Silvia Radu claims that due to this, City Hall lost over 220 million lei, while those guilty will be brought to justice.

According to the report, most illegalities were found in purchases made to 80 million lei.

One of the most grave breach established is conflict of interests. For example, chief of Housing Management Company number 22, who owns a construction company, won multiple auctions made by the subdivision he manages. After the report was published, he submitted a resignation letter.

"He gained two contracts, worth a small amount of money, to perform repair works in blocks managed by Municipal Enterprises. At the same time, said person, over 2017, gained another 11 contracts" head of Audit Department, Roman Vitiuc said.

Interim Mayor of the Capital, Silvia Radu declared that all people mentioned in the report will be questioned and brought to justice.

"It is a disaster. All possible corruption that might exist in acquisitions, both public and private" Silvia Radu said.

During the meeting, interim Mayor announced that all municipal subdivisions will be obligated to organize auctions on MTender platform, to ensure transparency.

At the moment, 18 subdivisions of the City Hall are using it. Therefore, 18 auctions, worth 2.35 million lei, are available on the platform. According to experts, MTender allows contractors save money.

"They can save to 40%, while on average, for procedures to finalize public acquisitions to 24%. 6:29 is a considerable amount" representative of Ministry of Finance, Ştefan Condrea said.

Within the report were analyze the way money were managed between 2016 and 2017, by nine subdivisions of the City Hall, among which counts the Architecture and Housing departments.

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