Renato Usatii's shameless lies. He IS wanted internationally by Interpol

The leader of Partidul Nostru Party, the runaway criminal Renato Usatîi, lies again.

He has stated today he’s not wanted internationally any longer. But the chief of the Interpol office in Moldova, Viorel Ţentiu, affirms the contrary. 

According to him, the document posted by Usatîi on social media displays but the fact that the access to his dossier data was halted. But, Usatîi has not got rid of the Interpol.

It’s not for the first time that Renato Usatîi lies as to his being sought for worldwide. He made a similar statement in the fall of 2016, which was again refuted by the Moldovan office of the Interpol.

Usatîi is accused of complicity in the failed murder attempt on the Russian banker German Gorbuntsv. He ran to Moscow and has been there up to now.

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