Renato Usatîi will submit a resignation letter

Usatîi is trying to hide his failure at Bălți City Hall through resignation. After he was abandoned by his trusted people and risks to lose the referendum he convoked, the fugitive announced on TV show "Politics"on TV8 channel that this week he will submit a resignation letter.

"-This week, I, Renato Usatîi, as Mayor of Bălţi, will submit a resignation letter. -By doing so, do you wish to cause snap elections? -If I resign now, Bălţi will chose a new Mayor on 20 May, the day when Electoral Commission plans to hold elections in multiple settlements" Renato Usatîi declared.

Fugitive Mayor Renato Usatîi also announced that from "Our Party", Nicolai Grigorişin, who was chosen as Deputy Mayor last week, will run for Mayor. Recently, multiple officials from Bălţi have resigned. Interim Mayor, Igor Şeremet, stood down after the waste scandal from Bălţi. At the time, Şeremet claimed that fugitive Renato Usatîi is pressuring him. Serghei Pcela, Department of Road Construction, has also stepped down.

In a letter, Pcela accused Usatîi, who "leads"the city through Skype, of causing the waste issue to appear due to his "political fights". Renato Usatîi is investigated for the attempted murder of Russian businessman, Gherman Gorbunțov, as well as for influencing the killer to make false statements. The Mayor of Bălți is a wanted man and is currently hiding in Moscow.

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