Renato Usatii took his salary for the time that he absented from work (VIDEO)


The Policical Party 'Partidul Nostru' leader, Renato Usatii, visited Balti City Hall to take the salary from the period which he didn't showed at work. In a Facebook live, Usatii made public the money which he took.

'I enter Grigorisin's office and see an envelope in which are some money. The mayor offers me a document to sign. I signed, but I didn't read it. I see that the envelope holds my salary in the sum of 2 093 MDL for the period that I absented. I wasn't in the country for two and a half years. I resigned in February, 2018. In 2017 I was on a road trip. For half a year I didn't receive my salary and they calculated for this time this amount of money. About 140 MDL per month', says Renato Usatii during the Live.

The Balti city Mayor, Nicolae Grigorisin, mentioned that these money are for road trips that is paid by the law.
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