Renato Usatii to stay on the run. Court prolongs arrest warrant on his name

The arrest warrant issued on the runaway mayor of Bălţi, Renato Usatîi, stays valid. The Chişinău court rejected his lawyers’ application to scrap the warrant, in order to allow the politician return to his job.

The Anti-Corrption Prosecutor’s Office confirms the information.

The court deemed the lawyers’ request as ungrounded.

PUBLIKA.MD reminder: The arrest warrant on Renato Usatîi was issued last October.

He is also wanted internationally.

Usatîi is suspected of trying to change the testifying of Vitalie Proca, sentenced for killing a Romanian businessman. The killer Vitalie Proca is accused by the Russian banker German Gorbuntsov of attempted murder. He miraculously survived and says the kill was ordered by Usatîi.

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