Renato Usatii, Skype call tapping: Jurnal TV asked 40,000 euro for my promotion

40,000 euro per month for the promotion of Renato Usatii. This is the sum asked by the administration of the trust Jurnal from the leader of "Our Party".

This is resulted from the discussion between Usatii and Ana Ursachi, so-called the Devil's advocate. According to the person who published the recording, the discussion between the two of them was recorded by Ana Ursachi.

You can read below the entire discussion:

Usatii: Hello

Ursachi: Hello. Now I can see you and you can too.

Usatii: Yes. About Moraru, you signed it?

Ursachi: Yes, about Moraru it was involuntary. They met outside, and before I got out of prison, Anatol organized some aspects, and he asked, can we have an insurance, in special from Ana, not some guys from her bureau. Anatol did not ask me, in the car are some of my orders, he signed them, I am not against it.

Usatii: He set you up.

Ursachi: No, there is nothing to set me up. I already decided, I will defend Petkov for sure. If they touch Petkov, Iulian Rusanovschi will go, you can count him as me, he is from my office. And I am preparing something on Tepovici, I don’t trust even Skype so I think, as soon as Iulian will get into this and will find the necessary documents in the case, because if the lawyers learned correctly about the case, they would have spoken about it, but they are slowing down and I am afraid that they did not receive these papers, but Iulian is insolent, swift, he will persist, he will come with the media if necessary, and he will receive these documents. If I will see a line I am expecting, I also have people with whom I spoke on this subject, then the case of Tepovici will turn out differently. I hope that the episode with Tepovici will be the most successful one. We have to do one thing, and I will find out the way to explain to you about his thing, even though without Skype, I think that we will find a way. For this the guy has to join, he is ready to join on 30, because nowadays are holidays in Moldova, I am also away, I will return on 30. I am not fooling around, I am away on business, and I will return with let’s say specific political aspects.

Usatii: I want you to take over my case. All this is interesting, but on this day the most criminal cases are on Usatii. One at Buiucani, the case with Durbala, on it there are no actions. And comisarul...

Ursachi: I remember, I saw it all on internet.

Usatii: The case of smuggling foreign currency they are reasoning this way, it is on Facebook, I can find it somewhere...

Ursachi: I understand, but these are not cases, it’s just nonsense. It is important to understand why, I understand three months, and they made you a suspect. I personally think that if they were smart,  I can talk now on Skype, to not give them any advice.

Usatii: They are tapping the Skype, in the technical aspects you can ask, Viber in Moldova is not tapped.

Ursachi: I know...

Usatii: They are tapping Skype when the General Prosecutor's Office is addressing in Germany, they cannot tap the Skype like they are tapping phones, this is for sure because I have persons in the technical department in SIS and I know all the details. By the way if you need for your cases, I can send a person there, for example you give me the phone numbers you are interested in, after 24 hours I will give you the information, if they are tapped, who is the judge, who is the prosecutor, the case number, they don’t tell me only that it is tapped, they tell me the phone is tapped from that specific date...

Ursachi: I understand, I know how I can learn about this. I don’t care if they are listening or not. I am afraid of one thing: to not let down the people with whom I am discussing, personally me every evening I am performing against some channels, I don’t care about them, but there might be persons who can involuntarily suffer for talking to me, that is why I am protecting people, including you. I personally don’t care.

Usatii: But what should I do? Today there is no such kind of war like the one I announced. All thought this is a show, I don’t know who found out that everything started from Jurnal TV. On spring they started that. Two brothers came to me, from Jurnal TV, I forgot their names, the director of Jurnal and the administrative director, they went to my office in March, April. They came and said: Mr. Renat, we want to cooperate with you, but we have a fee which interests us. I said this is real, I collaborate like this with all from mass media, and there is no problem, if there is a real amount we will find a common ground. They announced friendly, because I am new, they are asking from me 40,000 euro per month, excuse me a lot of money. How to pay 40,000 euro, if I was paying RTR 3,200 euro, ProTV, together with banners, videos, altogether approximately 8,000 euro. They said at the beginning 70,000 euro, but you are interesting to us, and asked for 40,000 euro. I said go to hell, this is too much. I am not poor but 40,000 euro for one TV station, I cannot afford it. And I supported Omega, Tkaciuk’s team, which was jumping, Petrenko, Muntean. I helped them all these years, I am not repenting, because they had the boss Plahotniuc, and Filat on the side, and from that moment the circus started. I remembered Ghitu 1 and Ghitu 2, they were together in my office, we stayed and discussed for 3 hours, because Durbala and Cheianu were making fun of me, that in the country were 2 mobsters Plahotniuc and Filat,  and came the thief Usatii. Even at that time with Durbala, you can ask, I talked to him an entire hour on the phone. And I did not say a thing, what the police said that I threatened him, I wrote him a message before calling him: Mr. Durbala, why are you calling me a mobster in your show, you shouldn’t do it. The phrase “You shouldn’t do it” is a death threat, let’s be serious, I talked to him for an hour, joked, he said,: Mr. Renat I am sorry, we have a humoristic style, I am sorry if we affected you family, I mean we had a normal discussion, we did not argue, no  threats, nothing. And I called Ghita and said: boys, this is because I didn’t give you 40,000 euro and you are making fun of me.  It is enough that I am the enemy. But what did Plahotniuc do? He did not show me on Prime and on Publika for one year, afterwards he was sometimes making news….

Ursachi: So that all thought that…

Usatii: If I had a TV station against all, because I saw that if Usatii is on YouTube, I could be seen by hundreds of thousands people, here is no national broadcast and so on, approximately like this situation. And so that you know, they are making me a mobster, I am not bragging, I am a specific passenger, but I was never involved in any penal case, neither as witness, I have never had any penal case, not in Russia, not monitoring in Europe as they say. The movie done by those idiots from Rise project, Petkov and I found out that it was Plahotniuc with Gorbuntsov as initiators on this subject that Usatii is a businessman in Russia. They asked me on Pro TV: Do you know Karamalak? Yes he is my neighbour in Moscow. - What about that one? That one I don’t know. I didn’t have the reason to lie, because I’m no minister of interior, and to say like Voronin or Urechean that I didn’t know him, yes I knew him, I worked in the Russian Olympic committee and I saw all the mobsters from Moscow, and it is clear, that if Usatii is doing business in Russia for 10 years, it is clear that he knows people from the office, from presidency, from ministry of agriculture, including Grisha Leps with Stas Mihailov who are my friends, Rotaru if she came to Moldova for 30,000 euro, they were offering to her 150,000 euro at the local elections and she didn’t come, but she came for Usatii for 30,000 euro, because I’m friend with the grandma for 8 years, you can see, there is a movie on NTV “You won’t believe” where I was singing with the grandma in Kremlin approximately 7-8 years ago. I have only one request: tell me, tomorrow Sheremet is going, the prosecutor have to give him….

Ursachi: Sheremet doesn’t have to go tomorrow, Sheremet shouldn’t go tomorrow, because the term is skipped, or the accusation given in the absence of a lawyer can be destroyed later. If you want for us to work together, and for me to defend you, give me a chance to set them up this thing. That’s why Sheremet doesn’t have to go, moreover we should catch this way so that they couldn’t give him a telegram.

Usatii: Can he call you on Viber, at least for 7 minutes? He is a good boy, but he doesn’t understand all this, so that you could explain it to him, because I could tell him wrong, I am not a lawyer, and I might say something wrong and make a bigger mistake than it is now. If you agree for him to call you on Viber, he won’t tell anyone, you can be sure of it, but for him to talk to you, you are two lawyers, you can understand each other.

Ursachi: He can call me, now I’m at the apartment, Viber is working, when I’m in the city, the Viber doesn’t work, when I reach public places Viber is working, but the roaming is always connected, he can call.

Usatii: Can you tell me a number, what we have today on this guy from Edinet, on Cornel, and specifically, today there are situations you know about, 3-4 episodes they connected into one, Igor will explain it to you.

Ursachi: This is the most promising one, it would the easiest to break it, that is why I want for Tepovici, additionally to give his man, and when they will pass from Tepovici to you, then I will appear.

Usatii: I understood. But listen, if for Tepovici the guy will be ok, for me, I don’t want to offend him, but I need heavy artillery, because the central target is Usatii, because today they understand that…. By the way tell me could they do to me like they did to Topa at their time, they judged them in their absence.

Ursachi: What can I say? It was an unprecedented case, and I know for sure that Andrei Nastase is a very good lawyer, and he wrote in Strasbourg and he will win this case. And because Andrei wasn’t present. They used the fact that the lawyer was absent. I am not leaving the country, that is why the possibility to judge my client in my absence, this is what they receive.

Usatii: Do you know why i am asking, because I cannot be a candidate in Moldova if I receive a sentence.

Ursachi: In this case, I don’t know how to say it more modestly, you have only one lawyer – this is me.

Usatii: I understand. But you understood the idea? I believe that they will try to overpass so that I could not be a candidate at the local elections, no matter where it is, Balti or Chisinau. But if I would be in Balti, at the northern part, I would show them...

Ursachi: Look, this is subject for another discussion, this is idiotic, because it doesn’t matter if Usatii will be the mayor or he will forward another person. If Usatii will say that this is my man and the man from my party, they will choose him. You can’t arrest all of them.

Usatii: Yes, but you understand, when it is me, it is another subject.

Ursachi: Renat, in front of you, you see Plahotniuc as an enemy, I hate both of them.

Usatii:I talked with Platon six months ago, I am talking to him because he is either quarreling with Plahotniuc, or….

Ursachi: I don’t like this Platon either.

Usatii: He started to make contact with Victor Topa, I said: Slava you know everything, you know where from I have this money, you know my partners, he said: Renat I explained to them, and he explained to them and afterwards Jurnal stopped to discuss my person for a while. A month passed, and you know I have this feeling that Plahotniuc has a person inside because very often there were coincidences when the sites of Plahotniuc were writing that the Gagauz bashcan was rejecting Usatii, and Jurnal was pushing the same subject. As Viorel told Petkov that we don’t control everything, if you cannot work with these idiots, I cannot name them otherwise, who are working today as directors at Jurnal, I am not asking them to love me, but even when I went to kill Plahotniuc, I will bury him, they are not here. I am sure there is something I don’t know...

Ursachi: I will find out, I can do it much easier, I cannot say how, but I will find out. Moreover, I am also suspecting several people, because when I was working on two big cases against Pantea, and most important, I almost dug out everything on this case with the apartments, but couldn’t move on. Even me, shown very often on Jurnal, it didn’t support me. This was also for me, I was coming with news on him, but they didn’t show me. But I will deal with it, this is my thing, I know how....

Usatii: It might be the same, when you will defend Usatii you might be cut....

Ursachi: No, I won’t be. On Pantea, was another thing, he was calling me, I have this discussion recorded, he will come one day, he was calling and asking, he himself said that he has people in Jurnal, it might be that he doesn’t have, but someone has, and he said that people don’t want to help me because they don’t want to pass over you. What I did to you? Please stop. He was begging me to stop and not embarrass him...

Usatii: What Platon with Topa did in Holland I think this is weak, I don’t see any threats that it might end very seriously. Maybe there is something I don’t know, but Platon is going upset because it failed. Because every information coming from Moldova, I will be in touch with you, I have informants, now they are less, because many of them got afraid, they scared people with Viber. Now regarding Gorbuntsov, you remember the scandal with Universalbank...

Ursachi: Yes.

Usatii: I talked with….(coughing)

Ursachi: I will connect the laptop on the power, because it showed me that it is dying, I will disconnect the call, and after connecting the laptop I will call you.

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