Renaşte Moldova cabinet continues its route to Cârpeşti kids

Dozens of children in Cîrpeşti village, Cantemir district, had free medical consultations today thanks to cabinet "Renaşte Moldova" (revival of Moldova).

According to doctors, many children don't do regular check-up due to lack of doctors. Likewise, gastrointestinal disease is mainly found in local children.  

"Usually, children with gastrointestinal problems, tooth decays, chronic tonsillitis usually come. We are striving to help them with pathologies we already know." said resident medic Viorica Chirica.

Parents of kids confess to passing long distance to visit the cabinet. 

"We usually go to Cantemir and Comrat, such a long way, we have to pass it anyway."

At the end of of the check-up, the children received gifts to overcome their fear. 

"It is very good to offer children medical check-up. I'm very grateful for the Edelweiss Foundation", said the mayor of the village of Cîrpeşti, Ion Bâzu.

So far, around 12,000 children from 202 villages have been checked by doctors. The organizers plan to continue in 117 localities.

The project is part of campaigns initiated by Vlad Plahotniuc Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Health for supporting families, mothers and children in Moldova.

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