Remittance inflow registered 200 million dollars, up 11% y/y

Moldovan immigrants working abroad sent a staggering 200 million dollars back to their families last year, 11.2% more than in 2016. 

In December, our citizens transferred more than $106 million, up 13 percent compared with the last month of 2016.

In that month remittance from EU nations and CIS countries constituted 33 per cent. 

$34 million originated from Russia, 19 million dollars from Israel,  Italy - with 11 million and the US - with 9 million in December 2017. 

From Germany, transfers amounted to just over five million dollars, and from the UK - 4.8 million dollars.

NBM data show that in December 2017 the most money, over 48 percent, was sent in dollars. Another over 44 percent - in euros, and 7.5 percent in Russian rubles.

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