Relations Moldova - EU to become more harmonious

European integration is the top priority of our country. Most reform and development policies are being developed in line with this objective. There has been a trend of deepening the relations between Moldova and the European Union in the past years.
In June 2013, after 15 plenary rounds, the European Union and the Republic of Moldova finalized the negotiation of the Association Agreement. The document was initiated on 28 November at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius (Lithuania). Then the European Union liberalized the visa regime for Moldovan citizens on 28 April 2014.
Thus, Moldovans are currently living without visas in 27 Schengen countries. The Association Agreement with the EU involves ensuring effective justice, the right to free movement and economic cooperation, including the Free Trade Agreement. Relations with the European Union have a major influence on the development of the Moldovan economy.
Currently, more than 65 percent of exports are directed to the EU market. Similarly, most of the EU member countries come to Moldova with the most fundamental investments. In Moldova, companies such as Orange, Draxlmaier, Societe Generale, Lafarge, Metro and Sudzucker are developing their businesses.
The EU is also one of the largest donors in our country, and the number of allocations offered so far is approaching one billion euros. With the support of the European Union, several reform programs, business development projects and infrastructure modernization have been carried out.
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