Regulation over domesticated animal, drawn up by Gagauza authorities

If you want to keep animals around your house, just make sure you have enough space and not to affect your neighbors. 

This is the idea of a regulation drafted by the authorities in Gagauzia, following several complaints from local people. Accordingly, neighbors usually have to endure the pleasant smells of the neighbors' cages and stables built right under their fences.

A man in Comrat town who raises 10 pigs, annoying his neighboring families: 

"The house is full of bad smell, children came to visit them but had to leave then as they could not stand that unpleasant smell"

The owner of farm couldn't be found to comment in the case. 

However, people have filed more complaints with local authorities. As a result, they decided to regulate the situation by law. 

According to the draft regulation, if the stable or cottage is less than ten meters away from the house, then the owner can hold no more than two pigs, two cows, ten small horns, three horses, or 50 birds.

The document also limits the distance between houses and the place where the animals can be fed. It must not be less than 100 meters. Otherwise, the owners of the animals will be penalized. And the fine is up to 1,200 lei.

The document has been debated publicly and received disputes as well. 

In order to be into force, the document must be approved by the People's Assembly in Comrat. Currently, the rules for the maintenance of domestic animals in the Republic of Moldova are regulated by the law on animal husbandry.

The document sets out only general rules and does not limit the number of animals or the distance between house and cottage. 

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