Regulation on storage and marketing of petroleum products, AMENDED

The Executive has today approved the amendment and completion of the Government Decision no.1116 of August 22, 2002, regarding the approval of the Regulation on the storage and wholesale sale through the automated system of the identified oil products in order to facilitate the wholesale trade of petroleum products.

The Minister of Economy and Infrastructure,  Chiril Gaburici, said that the wholesale trade of petroleum products until a set of amendments to the Law 461/2001 on the petroleum products market was allowed by the normative framework existing only to the importers. In order to bring secondary legislation in line with the primary framework, aiming to facilitate the wholesale trade of petroleum products, amendments were proposed to the Government Decision no. 1116, enabling license holders to import and sell petroleum products to carry out resale operations.

In the same context, Minister Gaburici stressed that the national legislation does not regulate the formation of prices for the resale of petroleum products, and that the existence of the impediment to their wholesale resale on the domestic market is not beneficial, creating unjustified impediments to the activity in the this sector of the economy.

"With ANRE regulating and capping panel prices for the sale of retail petroleum products, the resale restriction is not present under existing market conditions. As a result of the modifications made, it will be allowed for operators on the petroleum products market, who are in possession of the import license and wholesale retailing of petroleum products and resale operations to ensure a balance between retail regulation of petroleum products and the maintenance of an adequate degree of liberty in the wholesale petroleum products market, "said Cyril Gaburici.
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