Regional development projects to be financed with over one billion lei

The members of the National Council for Regional Development Coordination have approved today, December 19th, the list of projects proposed for funding from the National Fund for Regional Development in the next four years.

The projects proposed for funding have an regional impact, ensuring the sustainability of projects, including how to manage post-implementation of goods and fits the priorities and objectives of the selection of projects.

"For the period 2017-2020, the National Regional Development Fund have planned allocations from the state budget amounting to about 1 billion lei. In this context, taking into account the benefits for localities, projects have been assessed in several stages : to see if consistent with the objectives and priorities of the design contest, if they have feasibility studies, technical projects updated technical solutions relevant, including documentation and technical coherent economic" , said Deputy Minister of Economy, Octavian Calmac.

The main areas of intervention have been related to regional and local road infrastructure, water supply and sanitation, solid waste management, development of business infrastructure, increase of tourism attractiveness and energy efficiency public buildings.

"321 projects worth about 7.8 billion lei have been submmited at the first stage of the competition, representing the development needs of communities, now. After several stages of evaluation, 52 projects in worth 1.3 billion lei, will receive funding from next year, most of them related to water supply and sanitation. The projects will not be financed from the National Fund for Regional Development, we will seek other funding sources including'll negotiate with development partners" , said the Minister of Regional Development and Construction, Vasile Bitca at the hearing.

According to the President of the Regional Council for Northern Development, Ion Leuca, the contest was held in three stages, during the months of March to November 2016.
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