Reform of central public administration will lead to larger salaries, Cabinet will become technocrat

The reform of the central public administration will lead to better remunerating the public servants, and the Cabinet will become technocrat. The statement was made by the manager of Reform Implementation Center, Iurie Ciocan, on a show at Publika TV yesterday evening.

The Government won’t be politicized any longer because the deputy ministers will be replaced with state secretaries.

He says reforming the public authorities is absolutely necessary, since there are mayoralties unable to cover their expenditures.

"It’s a catastrophe for Moldova to have a local public administration with 900 mayor offices. Some mayors are elected with 80 votes, 160 votes. There are only two mayor offices gaining enough money to maintain themselves. Only 10 mayor offices of 898 gain enough money to cover their salary expenses," Ciocan said.

The Cabinet endorsed a new bill to reform the central public administration, at its sitting on Thursday.

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