Referendum to remove Dorin Chirtoacă from office will cost state budget nearly nine million lei

The socialists party's intention of forcefully resigning Dorin Chirtoacă, from the position Mayor of Chisinau, will cost the state budget nine million lei.

Central Electoral Commission has approved the hosting of a referendum for this purpose. The money will go to the electoral campaign, the activity of Central Electoral Commission and the 311 electoral bureaus.

The total amount of spending will be send to the Government and the Parliament, in order to seek alternative funding, in case where, the state budget cannot offer it to them.

The municipal council of Chisinau has established that the referendum will take place on 19th November, after the socialist party will manage to gather over 70 000 signatures.

In order for the Mayor to be removed from office at least 163 570 signatures are required.

Dorin Chirtoacă is for now suspended and placed under house arrest.

He is accused of power abuse and passive corruption in the paid parking lots.

Dorin Chirtoacă was a municipal administrator for the past 9 years, his mandate expires in 2019.

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