Referendum to dismiss fugitive mayor Usatîi. People no longer wish to be led through Skype

In Bălți will be organized a referendum to dismiss fugitive mayor, Renato Usatîi. The decision was made by the municipal Council with the vote of 27 out of 35 members. The referendum is set for 18th January by the municipal councilmen.

Officials from "Our Party", led by Renato Usatîi, refused to argument their decision.

"It is not the time, place, nor case for comments" municipal councilman from Bălți, Elena Griţco said.

Independent councilmen claim that this referendum is a test for the fugitive mayor.

"In Europe, a referendum is the most democratic norm. I am curious regarding how citizens will appreciate the three years they were led by Renato Usatîi" municipal councilman from Bălți, Oleg Topolniţki declared.

According to the Electoral Code, in the next 15 days, the local council will adopt a second decision regarding how the referendum will be held.

"This decision must contain data regarding the organization of the local referendum, reasons why it's called for. The Central Electoral Commission also requests the State Chancellery's opinion on the legality of adopting the decisions of the local council" vice president of CEC, Rodica Ciubotaru mentioned.

Representative of State Chancellery claims that local officials have breached the law when they held the voting regarding the organization of the referendum.

"The first step in holding a referendum is stating the reasons. They must offer an appreciation of his activity: what were the lacks, for what reasons. They were obligated to do so, as tomorrow, or the day after, the referendum will be held. We spend public money and for what?" State Chancellery's representative, Nicolae Uncuţă said.

People claim that they need a mayor who leads them from here and not through Skype:

"The referendum should have been held long ago. Why would we need a mayor from abroad? You walk the streets and notice the amount of trash. There are fewer trees in the forest than waste and dogs here. Is there nobody here, in Bălți, who could replace Renato Usatîi?"

"The mayor must be in the city, not elsewhere. They must lead from here, not from abroad. We need to chose a person who is always here."

"They must walk around and see what is happening. They must feel the country, not make decisions based on rumors and broadcast."

After the waste scandal, Renato Usatîi declared on social networks that he is ready to resign, if 51% of citizens will chose it at the referendum. Despite the fact that the law states that a mayor can be dismissed if at least 36.644 voters chose so, meaning, the same amount as those who chose him.

The waste issue appeared two weeks ago when the local administration canceled the contract with the economic agents who used to evacuate the trash. The Government has interfered after having received multiple complaints from citizens, as well as request for help from Bălți City Hall. Earlier, deputy mayor of the city, Igor Șeremet and three directors of municipal enterprises resigned because they refused to abide any more indications given through Skype.

The Mayor of Bălți has left the office since 7th September 2016. He is internationally wanted on suspicion of attempted murder of Russian businessman Gherman Gorbunțov and risks to 20 years behind bars.

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