Referendum according to dismissal of Dorin Chirtoaca failed. Decision was unanimously voted by CEC

The referendum that took place in Chisinau according to the dismissal of the mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca was invalidated. The decision was taken unanimously by the members of CEC. The reason was that at the referendum participated fewer than 18% of the Chisinau's residents, but, for the validation of the referendum, need to participate at least 33%.

''At the voting participated 108 695 electors, or 17,21% which is fewer than a third of the persons from the election lists. Thus, according to the stipulations of the Election Code, I propose the following device: the referendum according to the dismissal of the mayor of Chisinau is invalidated'', declared Alina Russu, the president of CEC.

From the citizens who participated at the referendum, almost 87% voted for the dismissal of Dorin Chirtoaca. The initiative to revoke him belongs to the socialists.

The referendum failed, but it costed almost nine million lei from the state budget.


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