Referendum - main subject of Parliament discussions. Liberals request socialist to return 9 million lei

None of the sessions of the Parliament pass without deputies to argue. This time, the subject was the referendum of the Chirtoaca's dismissal, organized by the socialists. The liberal deputies asked the socialists to return the money spent on the referendum, back in the state budget . At their turn, the socialist accused the liberals of stealing from the City Hall.

''Those who organized this illegal referendum should return nine million lei and the socialist members of the Municipal Council should dismiss'', declared Alina Zotea, liberal deputy.

The socialist deputy, Grigore Novac declared that a CNA report shows the Capital City Hall is one of the most corrupted from the whole country. Moreover, he accused the liberals that they have been stealing from the City Hall for ten years.

''According to the Court of Auditors, yearly, the Chisinau City Hall has encroachments in sum of 300 million lei. I want to remind you that the external liabilities of the City Hall are over four milliard lei'', said Grfigore Novac, PSRM deputy.

The CEC invalidated the referendum of Chirtoaca's dismissal. At the plebiscite there were fewer than 18% of the municipal voters. To be validated, a referendum required at least 33% of the capital residents to vote. 87% of the citizens who participated at the referendum voted for Chirtoaca's dismissal.

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