Record in agriculture: Apple growers had a harvest of 600.000 tones

The fruit growers from Moldova made the balance sheet of this year. They say that this year, Moldova had the best harvest in the past 27 years. Instead, the peach harvest was lower.

In 2018, the apple growers had a harvest of 600 thousand tones of apples, which is 200 thousand tones more than the previous year.

The cherry harvest was 20 thousand tones, while the apricots 16 thousand tones. The peaches - 8 thousand tones, which is two times lower than the previous years.

The farmers also faced the issue of the market. The Minister of Agriculture encouraged the farmers to invest in the modernization of the orchards, so they will sell the fruits on better prices.


"We are opened to cooperate with any market that is ready to pay for our products", said Ion Tulei, farmer from Stefan Voda.

The competence is another issue that the farmers have to face.


Nicolae Ciubuc, the Minister of Agriculture urged the farmers to be more insistent and gain financial support.

"We should fight for the market. We must change the harvest infrastructure", said Nicolae Ciubuc, the Minister of Agriculture.



The fruit growers conference is organized each year.


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