Record beats record. PUBLIKA.MD is leader in Moldova's online sector

PUBLIKA.MD is leading the Moldovan online, beating all the records last month and last year. 

According to Google Analytics, these periods had the most intense traffic in terms of unique visitors.

The number of visitors was 1,748,456 in December last year. That’s almost three times more year-on-year. Our readers watched stories, live broadcasts and video reports, generating almost 6,500,000 views and over 3.400.000 visits

All in all in 2016, the number of visitors was 8,685,144, that’s almost 3.000.000 more than in 2015. There were over 80,000,000 views per page, out of those about 28,000,000 visits. 

The new version of PUBLIKA.MD portal gives a better online experience to stories, adapted for any device, live broadcasts from the main events, but also the first news bulletin presented online exclusively. 

All that contributed to the significant increase of views.

PUBLIKA.MD team thanks you for being close in 2017! Happy New Year!

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