Recidivist was detained at Rascani. He stole cigarettes in the amount of 38 MILLION LEIS

Police officers in the capital of Râşcani have detained a 28 years old man from Cimislia district, suspected of having stolen in a shop.

Following the instigation, the policemen determined that the suspect during February-March committed a number of theft from the shop located in the Rascani sector, from where he took out several cigarette packages, causing a loss of 38,000 lei. 

At the hearings, the suspect acknowledged his guilt, telling law enforcement officials that they had committed theft because of lack of financial means. 

The individual has been tried for similar crimes and scams.

In this context, a criminal case for theft was started, the suspect being detained for 72 hours in the Israeli Police Department of the Capital. 

Under the criminal law in force, he is liable to a fine with a fine ranging from 32,500 lei to 67,500 lei or unpaid community service from 180 to 240 hours, or up to 4 years imprisonment.

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