Recent road accidents – several injured persons Police warns

There have been documented 58 road accidents which took place in the last 24 hours in Chisinau. Police participated in 32 court meetings, regarding the sanctioning of drivers on the guilt on the behalf of which there have taken place certain accidents that tok place previously registered.

Of the total number of road accidents that took place in the last 24 hours, four of them resulted in the traumatizing of five persons and in 8 instances the drivers intentionally left the incident’s place.

There have been taken sanctioning measures of 15 drivers, the guilt on the behalf of which there have taken place road accidents resulting in material damages, with fines in sum of 900 lei till 1.500 lei and total penalization points – 75. The drivers who left the accident’s place will be documented concerning the aspect of deprivation of the right to drive transport means on a term of 2 to 3 years.

Causes leading to road accidents were:

  • Non-insuring of the change of movement direction
  • Non-respecting of the distance between cars during the transportation
  • Non-ceding of passing in intersections or the respecting of the “right hand”
  • Non-adapting of the movement speed.

All the drivers are warned by the Police of the Capital to respect the road circulation rules and other participants of the road traffic, given the fact that the guilty are harshly punished according to the legal stipulations.


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