Realitatea TV administrator runs for Chisinau Mayor as PPEM candidate

Dumitru Ţîra is a candidate of European People’s Party of Moldova for the post of Chisinau Mayor. The politician submitted his application on Wednesday to the Chisinau Electoral Council. 

"I want to thank the whole PPEM team for your trust and accepting my project. This project is not only for the city but also for localities within the municipal. 

I have three short messages. I wish all candidates success and hope for a fair competition. 

I want to urge all people to smile more even they have to face serious problems. I want to urge the citizens to cast their vote, to go on street to vote because it's extremely important to vote. We will have a very interesting campaign. I'm assured that the journalists will write for the truth not only for public interest. I wish you a good day", said Dumitru Țîra.

Publika recalls that previously Dumitru Țîra was a director of Publika TV. Now he's the administrator of Realitatea press group. 


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