#RealIT: First 3D - printed heart is getting ready to save lives

It’s been breaking news among cardio students that an artificial 3-D  printed human heart has been designed by a team of researchers from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. “It is a silicone mono block with complex inner structure,” said Nicholas Cohrs, a doctoral student ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

 It is so soft and weighs 390 gms and has a volume of 679 cubic centimeters. It can only extend its function up to 3000 beats which last up to 30 to 45 minutes. It exactly replicates the functioning of Human heart like pumping. At present, this material may not be strong enough to last for years but scientists are looking forward to replace blood pumping machines with this 

On March 11, 2016, for the first time in medical history, Chinese doctors were able to resolve a cardiac complication successfully through artificial 3-D printed heart transplantation for a nine-year-old baby. Since the baby had a major complication called congenital heart defect called a ‘Total Pulmonary Venous Anomalous Drainage’ in her Heart which implies one of the pulmonary arteries  won’t work usually which is a hard nut to crack.

Hence surgeons took a bold step to replace her heart with artificial 3D printed heart and they were all succeeded in their attempt. “With the model, we were able to know precisely where and how we should cut, and how big the incision should be. And with such a thorough plan, we spent only half the time we had expected to complete the surgery,” the baby’s surgeon, Doctor Zhang Xueqin said.

This revolution in technology is going to save many lives ahead. It is so hard to operate open heart surgeries in some instances for some sensitive subjects; by employing artificial heart transplants can serve huge results since we can conveniently design the heart without even starting the operation. Since then many artificial transplants had done.

Now-a-days many hospitals around the world are employing the artificial heart transplants since there are many cardiac patients that couldn’t equate the donors. Hence there is an immense need for the 3D printed artificial heart transplants.This is going to change the world and we are going to see much more wonders than this in the field of medicine.

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