Real estate purchase and sale simplified. Parliament opts de-bureaucratisation

Parliament has decided to de-bureaucratise the procedure for the sale and purchase of real estate property.

Accordingly, in the process of authenticating the transaction to a notary, it's unnecessary to present the tax certificate regarding the presence or absence of debts to the state budget related to the sale/purchase property.
Legislative changes were voted today in final reading by 56 of the 77 deputies present in Parliament's plenary sessions.
"I am glad we managed to simplify this procedure, which around 400,000 citizens annually passes. We have always opted for the de-bureaucratization of procedures involving time or money, especially as in this case, when some documents are unnecessary," the author of the bill, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Valeriu Ghileţchi said.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that regardless of the presence or absence of debts to the state budget, the notary was obliged to register the real estate transaction.
Legislative amendments will enter into force with their publication in the Official Gazette.

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