Reaction of PDM at PAS-DA refusal to Igor Dodon's April 2 dialogue

It's an irresponsible gesture that PAS and DA announced an attempt to blackmail and corrupt deputies of other factions by inviting them to individual talks, though they were planned for President's meeting to form parliamentary majority. Spokesman of Democratic Party of Moldova, Vitalie Gamurari commented Monday, noting the gesture will likely make our country fall into a profoundly social crisis. 

"Deputies of PDM faction will not follow this attempt of political corruption and blackmail by PAS and DA. We denounce their action and draw the attention of the public opinion and the accredited diplomats to Chisinau on this negative course, towards which PAS and DA divert political dialogue", said Vitalie Gamurari, the PDM spokesman.

Moreover, Vitalie Gamurari reminded that "the two parties previously accused PDM of trying to discuss individually with deputies of former bloc ACUM. This is proved false statement. Today actually PAS and DA carried out actions they publicly criticized". 

According to Gamurari, by this gesture, PAS and DA are actually trying to cover a decision to refuse dialogue to the block the country's development. 

"Deputies of PAS and DA are seriously cheating voters. Firstly, they founded bloc ACUM which was voted by citizens. Now instead of working for better pensions and salaries for people as they had promised, they are triggering political wars, blackmail actions in parliament and trying to destabilizing the country. Unfortunately, PAS-DA statement is not a joke of April 1. It's real political blunder", said the DPM spokesman.

PAS and PPDA leaders refuse Igor Dodon's invitation to dialogue that should take place on April 2. This declaration was made by Andrei Nastase and Maia Sandu within a press conference.

Last week, the President of the country invited the leaders of the four parties, PSRM, DPM, PAS and PPDA to discuss.

This time, the dialogue will take place tomorrow at 12 PM.

The meeting will take place at the State Residency.

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