Rascani sector explosion. Victims and rescues receive free meals

A hot meal was organized for the victims of the Rascani explosion, but also for the rescues and firemen who helped them. The employees of the social canteen from the Capital prepare food for over one hundred persons daily. The cooks start early in the morning.

"We made a soup. Here we have fish. It is almost prepared", said Ludmila Romanco, cook.

"All the products are fresh. We receive these twice a week."

The sous chef of the social canteen from Botanica sector says that they have a menu. For the evening, they prepared pepper, potatoes and cookies. 

"In the evening we prepared food for 18 people, for the lunch 28. For the evening, we prepare for 10 more people", said Ecaterina Dascal, sous chief at the social canteen.

The authorities said that the social canteen will work a month. All the costs are covered by the City Hall.

"We feed them three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The administration of the company keeps the food in thermos pitchers", said Natalia Alexeev, representative of the Direction for Public Feeding and Trade.

At the Railway Hospital from the Capital there are 28 victims and 100 rescues work in the block of flats that exploded.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that three people, including one child, died and nine needed medical care after a strong explosion occurred in the block where they lived. It all happened last night around 23 o'clock in a 21-storey building on Moscow Boulevard.

Among the died are a 77 years old man who died on the hospital bed. Underneath the ruins were found the inanimate bodies of a woman and a child.

Among the injured is a young woman whose apartment was deflagrated. She was taken out of the ruins of two boys walking in the park near the block.

The Chisinau Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case for murder from reluctance after the explosion last night.

If it turns out that the owners of the apartment where the deflagration was not operating the gas cylinder according to the rules, then they risk up to six years of jail.

According to the rescuers, one of the tenants forgot to close the cylinder valve, and the explosion occurred when the owner lit a match.

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