Rallies against abortion held in over hundred places in Moldova

A new rally against abortion has been organized in Chisinau and other hundred localities in the country. 

Olga Plămădeală has a little girl and is pregnant. She urges women never to give up the chance to become mothers.

"It is a rather difficult question, because women and girls, especially future mothers, are panic, fear. Maybe society needs to get more in situation, not to judge so harshly, "said Olga Plămădeală, a participant in the rally.

Protests also took place today in over hundred places in the country. It marks the 4th edition of the event. 

Priests say that women who are in difficulty can come to the church for psychological counseling.

According to statistical data, over 11,000 abortions were recorded in Moldova in 2017, almost two thousand less than in 2016.

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